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General Support Discussions  »  Joint Operations  »  Just bought game, "unable to create a network socket" error  
Posted on Apr 01 2020, 3:15 am by PLAzmA

Hi, as its a windows only game i would assume that you or steam are trying to use it under wine/play on linux which is built on wine.It is possible, but you need to build wine from source and apply a patch, see:https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id
General Support Discussions  »  Delta Force Xtreme  »  Help Please DFXtreme (Enumerating session)  
Posted on Feb 23 2020, 4:52 am by PXP-WINGNUT  -PxP-

thats good one less cocksucker to think about .. EFF you have a horrible life .. thank you scumbag . ! Ramesh wrote: LMAO I'm also pl
Viewing 41 - 60 out of 11377 Topics

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